Microsponges ~ A Malleable Drug Delivery System

Introduction: Microsponges are at the forefront of the rapidly developing field of novel drug delivery technology. Microsponges are defined as polymeric delivery systems made up of porous microspheres. They are small sponge-like globular particles with a huge porous surface. Microsponges technology has lot of advantageous & innovative characteristics, which make it a flexible drug delivery vehicle. Microsponges can be restrained in a wide range of substances, and can then be incorporated into a formulated product such as a cream, gel, powder or liquid. The outer surface is usually porous, permitting a uniform flow of medicaments out of the sphere for a pronged period. Microsponges are used largely for topical purpose and nowadays have been used for oral administration. Microsponges are aimed to deliver a pharmaceutically active ingredient capable at the minimum dose and also to increase stability, lower the side effects and improve drug release favorably.

Methods of Preparation:

Gold Nano Particles in Novel Drug Delivery

Drug delivery systems are successful and unique methods which introduce the therapeutic substances into the body more efficiently and safely by having adjustable delivery rate and the specific target site. Gold nanoparticles have countless favorable physical, chemical, optical, thermal and biological activity that make them a highly appropriate choice as non-toxic carriers for drug and gene delivery. The surface alteration of gold nanoparticles completely enhance their systemic circulation, minimize the rate of sedimentation, enhance binding affinity towards therapeutic molecules, target sites & receptors due to their Nano size range which again gains their power to cross cell membranes and decrease overall cytotoxicity.

Gold nanoparticles have the capability of bio-imaging of the effected malignant cells for treatment. For successful drug delivery system or drug therapy, it is necessary to inspect the biological activity of gold nanoparticles as they have unique physicochemical pr…

Microbubbles ~ A Novel Drug Delivery System

Introduction: Microbubbles have been recently introduced as a promising drug delivery platform for ultrasound-guided drug delivery & gradually decrease in size due to the dissolution of interior gases by the surrounding liquid and eventually disappear, leaving some Nano-Bubbles. Ultrasound, traditionally used in diagnostic medicine, is finding a place in drug delivery in connection with these microbubbles. In addition to their non-invasive nature and the fact that they can be focused on targeted tissues, acoustic waves have been credited with releasing pharmacological agents from microbubbles, as well as rendering cell membranes more permeable. Microbubbles dispersion method was investigated to improve oxygen transfer at low agitation rates and thus reduce power consumption and shear stress on the microorganisms. The microbubbles have an average size less than that of red blood cells, so they are capable of penetrating even into the small blood capillaries and releasing drug and g…